6th September 2018

Understand your IT and Data security needs

This won’t be a long article, or likely interesting but I’ll try.

With the introduction of GDPR and the new DPA 2018 people and companies are becoming more aware they need to take practical steps to protect their data and systems.

I think one issue is, and one I know I’ve had in the past, is understanding what applies to me, my company and my data.

For example, do I need encryption for all my data even at rest?

Not so long ago I wouldn’t have understood that question and it isn’t asked to confuse anyone.  What I’m trying to say is we all should have a basic understanding of IT and data security so we can then decide what areas we need to address.  Don’t ignore it because you don’t understand it in the hope you’ll be OK.

IT and data security isn’t a one size fits all.  There are a lot of great people and organisations out there who can and will guide you and provide you with what you need, but there are some who will want you to and make you believe you need more than you do.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t underestimate how important data security is.  There is great practical and free advice available online which can get you started.  I’ve attached some infographics below thanks to the great people at the National Cyber Security Council.  www.ncsc.gov.uk.

As I said at the start, it wasn’t a long article and not very interesting but maybe it’s a little useful.  Address your IT and data security, you’ll be glad you did.

Password Security

Cyber Security

Glossary 2


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