28th December 2018

Is your recruitment strategy working?

Recruiting people is simple.  Recruiting the right people is difficult.

So whose fault is this?

Recruitment agencies?

Not entirely.  As with any line of work, there are good agencies and bad agencies.  The bad agencies give even the good ones a bad name.  Throwing high numbers of CVs at clients for a role until one stick is not a solution to the recruitment problem.  If you find a good agency, hold them dear, show them love and never let them go.

The employers? 

I’m afraid to say for the majority of the time, yes.

Some things which employers, in my opinion, do and don’t do that doesn’t help with talent recruitment, development and retention include:

  • Why do you spend so little time interviewing and getting to know people you want to spend years of your life with?
  • Who interviews?  Do they know how to conduct a good interview?
  • Why don’t you carry out even some basic behavioural or psychometric testing to ensure they are at least in the area of a good fit for the role?
  • What effort do you make to sell your company and your people to interviewees?  Good people will always have options and it’s unlikely you’re the only person they are speaking to.
  • Do you have pre-induction or induction processes in place?  If you get through these in 30 minutes these aren’t worth the time or effort for either party.
  • Do you have everything set-up for the person starting and are not still sorting out an email address on the day they start?
  • Do you have the appropriate training lined up for them?
  • Do you have regular contact points with them to discuss how they are getting on?

Now some people may say this is basically a list of pet hates (it isn’t them all either) I have regarding recruitment and retention and they would be right.  Attracting good people and retaining them should not be that difficult but a lot of employers still don’t make the effort.  They seem to be happy on the come and go merry go round and be stuck in a continual recruitment drive for no reason.

There are always exceptions to the above and I know a number of companies who do amazing things to ensure they capture and keep the best people. 

Mostly it’s a lack of understanding and knowledge from employers that mean they don’t recruit properly and retain.  No doubt somebody will get offended by this, I can’t help that.  No business owner is great at everything, that’s why they employ Accountants, IT Professionals, HR Managers, Marketing Managers, shady people like me etc. so they can surround themselves with people who know better in specific fields. 

There is nothing in the recruitment and retention field that can’t be changed, improved and altered to best suit the needs of your business but there are basics we should all be doing.

If what you are doing works for you, then, by all means, keep doing what you’re doing but if you feel there is something you could do better don’t be afraid to change it.  There is someone out there that can help you.  I don’t necessarily mean me, but I can.  If you like.

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